Wednesday, February 02, 2022

The Moon Fall's Tonight!

(click to embiggen) I'm finally seeing Roland Emmerich's latest world-ender Moonfall tonight, which stars Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry as sexy scientists fighting the, uhh, moon falling. And I'm super fucking excited about it! I need a big dumb movie right about now and Moonfall looks to be filling all of those quotas -- it's big, it's dumb, and okay it might not be a "movie" per se as much as it is a collection of nonsense, but that's fine. I am fine with that. Here's the most recent trailer at this link, and the image above, excuse me the blessed image above, is Patrick modeling a watch (via), because all of you definitely noticed the watch when you were looking at that picture, haha. Moonfall is out on Friday!

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