Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Fresh Maker

I sort of skirted around what the Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones led horror flick Fresh is about when I reviewed it at Sundance a few weeks ago because I didn't know what it was about when I saw it and that sure was a nice treat -- here is my review, by the way. But there's really no way to market it without giving up the game so the first poster and the first trailer released today make it all pretty clear, the game. The film's out real soon -- it's hitting Hulu on March 4th! So I guess grabbing y'all fast is the idea. Anyway I know reactions were mixed but I dug the movie and am really looking forward to seeing it a second time -- it's hard to disturb me anymore, so inured to horrors after decades of horror movie watching I've become, and Fresh freaked me out some. That's an accomplishment. Stan also gives a really disturbingly entertaining performance. 

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