Thursday, February 03, 2022

Good Morning, World

That there is the one and only Matthew Modine in the 1990 thriller Pacific Heights, which I rewatched over the weekend during a quite random binge I did of mostly early 90s thrillers that fit the "The [Blank] From Hell" mold -- movies like Pacific Heights (which has Michael Keaton laying the tenant from hell) and The Crush (which has Alicia Silverstone playing the teenage girl from hell), Single White Female (with Jennifer Jason Leigh playing the roommate from hell) -- you know the movies! The idea of a binge came upon me pretty randomly -- a college-friend of mine sent me a message that she'd re-watched the 1996 film Fear (starring Mark Wahlberg as the finger-blasting boyfriend from hell) and that sounded like a wonderful escape after all of the Sundance work I'd just been immersed in. A way to shut my brain off and enjoy some trash. And did I ever. 

If you click on that tweet it'll take you to a gigantic Twitter thread that I live-tweeted over the course of the binge -- I'm actually not done, I still have several movies on my list, and so that thread might well grow longer. It wouldn't surprise me a bit -- it was a seriously fun binge to binge, and I haven't even re-watched The Hand That Rocks the Cradle yet! Anyway I hope to do more than just this "Good Morning" post about this series of flicks, there's so much more meat on this particular bone to gnaw upon, but for now we'll keep it tight like Matthew Modine's torso. But if you've got recommendations for my binge-list, any faves of this type of movie that you wanna talk about, please do tell me in the comments!


Simon said...

I just shared my Disney+ account with my mum and the first thing she watched was The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

jasonbkny said...

Please remember to watch everyone's favorite nurse from hell Kathy Bates in Misery

Anonymous said...

The Mean Girls Clique from hell - The Craft
The Exterminator/Pest Infestation from hell - Arachnophobia
The Psycho Closeted Gay Boyfriend From Hell - Scream

mmmark said...

When you’ve had your fill of trash, there’s Primal Fear and peak Jude Law hot with Talent Mr. Ripley.

Mike Johnson said...

Great suggestions, but Wild Things is the first thing that comes to mind. Starring Matt Dillon's sexy chest hair and Kevin Bacon's bacon.