Thursday, February 10, 2022

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

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The Predator (2018)

Nebraska Williams: [describing The Predator] 
Know who Whoopi Goldberg is? 
It's like an alien Whoopi Goldberg.

This is a pretty bad Predator movie and a pretty forgettable role for today's beautiful birthday boy Trevante Rhodes, but given recent Whoopi developments this line seemed especially funny to me so I went with it. And it's not an incorrect description! And it was either this line or Trevante's amusingly catty comment about Billie Holiday's "Prada" in The United States vs Billie Holiday but that exchange involved usage of the N-word and ya know what... not going there! (You can read the quote here though.) 

Anyway the only reason my choices are so limited is Hollywood has really f'd up their usage of Trevante -- why wasn't this dude cast in literally everything in reach the minute Moonlight came out??? I will never understand it. He's only made like six or seven things since then, and none of his roles have been appropriately substantial. (There's Bird Box I guess but god I hated Bird Box.) Well feel free to dig through our Trevante archives, at least we here at MNPP recognize his great big talent!


The Bad-Ass Penguin said...

Pitch meeting: Trevante Rhodes and Jonathan Major play two lawyers on opposite sides of a case but they fall in love and have to hide their relationship from their respective law firms... lots of sex scenes and gratuitous full-frontal nudity...oh yeah.. and like legal drama too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Honey, one can only dream.

Anonymous said...

I am left utterly baffled as to why he hasn't been cast in everything ever. Dude needs a new agent.

Side note: I know we're suffering a serious superhero oversaturation right now, and that most of the casting choices for Superman haven't worked out well, but I always thought Trevante would be the ideal Superman. How did I come to this conclusion? By seeing him give a post-Moonlight interview, from which my immediate impression was: "I have no idea who this man is, but I would trust him with my life." That is the impression that Superman needs to give the audience immediately (and why Henry Cavill's performance really didn't work for me, but that's a whole other can of worms.)

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more about Trevante. How did he star in a Best Picture winner, have a face and body like that, and not have the career Jonathan Majors now has? I mean, I like Majors a lot, too.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Trevante's introduction to Hollywood was playing what could be perceived as a "thug" so therefore casting directors, directors, etc. don't see past that.

Jason Adams said...

I do think Majors is an interesting comparison, and not just because they are both talented and hyper-muscular black men -- Majors has gotten the chance to show off far more acting skill than Trevante; Rhodes is very good in Moonlight but it's a very quiet reserved role, and since then he hasn't been given a chance to show much else. Majors meanwhile has been able to swerve all over the place, character-wise. Trevante is definitely more traditionally handsome than Majors so maybe JM's been able to get cast as the character actor more, while Trevante's begging for a superhero role that just hasn't come. I don't know. Just give me more Trevante.