Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Procession in 150 Words or Less

Usually when we talk about Art improving the world we mean it in an abstract not-immediate sense -- this thing will help us understand humanity, and our empathy will be bigger ever after. And so seeing a film that’s actually actively improved the world by the time its final credits roll takes one aback, and makes one wonder if we’ve been doing this thing right this whole time, or if this movie is showing us a better way. Robert Greene's Procession -- which not only documents the process by which several men who were molested by priests in their childhood turn their pain into art, but is the very art itself that they create -- feels revolutionary in its empathetic substance, in its proactive betterment of the world. In the simplest terms this astonishing movie did the work, and all the blessings be upon it.

Procession is now on Netflix, watch it here.

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