Monday, December 13, 2021

Pic of the Day

If the sight of Love and Nocturnal Animals actor (not to mention MNPP fave -- see my ongoing Twitter thread for proof) Karl Glusman wearing a leather harness and biker cap whilst branding Andrea Riseborough's ass with a clothes iron isn't enough to get you excited about a movie then you are most assuredly in the wrong freaking place! This is our first official look at Please Baby Please, director Amanda Kramer's upcoming boundary-pushing sex-comedy that she describes in Variety today as "a rather dark, campy twist on West Side Story as directed by John Waters." Hello! 

I have already posted about this movie here at MNPP previously, when Glusman shared a pair of photos of himself in his fetish gear on the set -- see those here. At that link I also describe the plot, which sounds real promising in the kinkiest of ways, which that image above only underlines in a delectably florid fashion. Gimme this damn movie now! It's premiering at the Rotterdam festival next month -- hopefully it'll make its way to a place I'll be at (like maybe Tribeca) soon after. We love you, Kinky Karl!

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