Friday, December 24, 2021

And Just Like That... The Holidays

Hey everybody! Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate, happy weekend eve to those who don't. I realized I didn't sign off proper last night before heading home for my ten day brain freeze -- I was so ready to run home and collapse I just did that -- so here, a proper send-off. The blog will be probably very quiet between now and January 3rd. You might say not a creature is stirring? I don't know why you'd say that, it's just a thing I have heard before. Anyway I might be quiet here but I'll be found on the social medias, no doubt, especially Twitter since I am an addict -- follow me here if you don't. The rest are linked over in the right-hand column. I've got one more review that will be posted (sometime today I think) so I'll tweet about that, or maybe come back and edit this post or something. I don't know. 
Most importantly, if you're feeling generous this holiday season, you can donate to MNPP's dusty coffers right here. (Dusty Coffers is my drag name.) I do all of this really truly awe-inspiring work on this site that blows your minds on a daily basis (really, truly) without getting paid, if you can believe it.I know! Wild. This shit is free. So if you want to now, or want to ever, toss a penny or two my way, you can. I give you permission. Or give your money to real charities -- they need it too. My point is... oh who am I kidding, I have no point. Except I hope all of you have the greatest, loveliest next ten days doing whatever you're doing (on that note please tell me in the comments if you watch anything good!) until we can meet back here refreshed and ready to face motherfucking 2022. Peace, my loves!


Anonymous said...

Happy holidays!

Thank you for all your blogging goodness. Every ‘gratuitous’ post is an absolute gift.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your rest and Happy Christmas

FoxVerde said...

🎄🎄🎄 merry christmas! 🎄🎄🎄

Shawny said...

Thank you Jason for spilling out your wonderful brain on an almost daily basis. What a glorious exit wound this site is.