Monday, November 08, 2021

Which is Hotter?

I am more than well aware that Alain Delon has turned out to be a pretty shitty person in real life but, having lost both Jean-Paul Belmondo and Nino Castelnuovo in the past six months, I still want to mark his birthday while he's around and kicking at 86 -- his body of work (ahem) has sure meant a lot to me. Try to not be so shitty, Alain! I'd love to focus on said body of work when I write about you rather than all of the far-right political leanings and misogynistic bullshit. For today I'll split the middle and focus on the body, period.


Anonymous said...

he's a crap person. I refuse to watch any of his movies.

Anonymous said...

Write in vote — tightly bound and gagged, writhing on the floor in Le Battant — everyone wins because his pretty moth is shut ;)