Thursday, November 04, 2021

Of Dogs & Fish Men

I don't know how many of you loved Pixar's Luca as much as I did but I really really really really loved it -- read this piece I wrote about it for Pajiba if you don't believe me! -- and so I made some very happy sounds upon seeing earlier today that they've gone and made a short film sequel called "Ciao Alberto" which they'll be debuting on Disney+ on November 12th. That's the trailer above, although to be honest maybe don't watch it? It's a short film -- a trailer seems excessive. A trailer becomes more and more large a percentage of a finished product the short the finished product gets! Anyway I just wanted you to put the release date on your calendar, so we can all bo back to Italy together. Cannot wait.

Next up that there's the full trailer for Jane Campion's upcoming movie The Power of the Dog, which hits select theaters on November 17th and then Netflix on December 1st, and which I've seen twice so far (thanks to TIFF and NYFF) and miiiiiiiight just be my favorite movie of 2021? I haven't reviewed it yet so that's a spoiler but I just feel as if I should put that out there at this point -- I've been sitting on it for weeks. Lord knows I love Jane Campion but I didn't expect this specific movie to swallow me up the way it has -- I just posted today in my very positive review of The Harder They Fall how Westerns ain't usually my jam, and yet here we are. It's been a stellar year for that genre, I guess. Dog is so much stranger and so much gayer than you're expecting, y'all.


FoxVerde said...

we loved the new campion movie too!

here is the actor in 2021 that played the slave boy that the pustule covered blob killed in the original dune:,_2021.jpg

he's only gotten hotter. 😂

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Luca!!!!!! Still one of my top five faves of the year.