Friday, November 05, 2021

Good Morning, World

Although he's been posted here on the site proper far too infrequently compared to the amount of time I spend thinking about him -- this here is the only post! -- I do have an ongoing Dino Fetscher thread going on Twitter, so at least the openly gay and incredibly handsome actor is represented somewhere, somehow, amongst my otherwise bottomless output. And this morning let's keep that instinct going with these snaps he recently shared on his Insta, mainly from his dressing room of just-concluding run on the play The Normal Heart at the National Theater in London. (Some very nice pictures from that actual play are a part of my ongoing Twitter thread natch, but here's a direct link.) What can I say -- I'm a sucker for a Dino in tighty-whities. Hit the jump for several more...

All photos by Cameron Slater - follow him here.

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Anonymous said...

Stop trying to make Fetscher happen, Jason. (please don't, actually. I just wanted to make that joke.)