Monday, November 29, 2021

Good Morning, World

Hello and welcome back from your holiday break, or your not holiday break if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving because you're a foreigner or some shit. I hope you had a nice set of days whatever you spent them doing! I mean there are ends to that "whatever" -- if you spent the time murdering grandmothers or fellating Lindsay Graham my charity ends well before those places. Anyway these photos that openly gay actor Haaz Sleiman shared on his Insta a few days ago seem a perfectly pleasant way to ease ourselves back into the work week. I still haven't seen Eternals -- see our previous post here, which includes a whole lot of Haaz, I recommend -- but from what I have heard his role as Brian Tyree Henry's homosexual partner is pretty limited, with a chaste smooch to sate, well, folks like me, horrible me, who've wanted Marvel to include people like me for awhile in their world. And again -- I ain't seen it yet! So I can't really speak. Yet. But I can look at these photos, after the jump...

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