Thursday, November 04, 2021

Good Morning, World

Far be it from me to not share a new-to-my-eyes photo from this shoot of Alexander Ludwig that I posted two photos from last month right here -- they can drop one of these once a month and I will post them. Oh who am I kidding -- they can drop one of these once a day and I will post them. While they're at it drop more of his Flaunt photoshoot too! Anyway maybe you (unlike me) (yet) watch Alex's wrestling series Heels, in which case you'll be happy to hear it just got renewed for a second season. I'm happy to hear that and I don't even watch the show. But when I know there's a show in the world that has this very large young man running around in very tight professional wrestling outfits I feel a little better about the world, and that's in too short supply these days.  Happiness, be ours!

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