Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Get Your Hands On Maud

Somewhat unbelievably I still haven't written a proper review of Saint Maud -- its release was so staggered with the pandemic I never really got a handle on when to write about it, and so I just kept mentioning it here and there, the "it" being how effing terrific I think it is. Well now it's finally hitting blu-ray on November 30th -- Amazon has got it on sale for 13 bucks right now! -- and so maybe I can write it up once I have my hands on a copy of that. It's hands-down one of the best horror movies of the year -- many years! -- with two of the years great performances from lead Morfydd Clark and supporting Jennifer Ehle. No less than Kristen Stewart went on the record this week as saying this movie blew her away, so what are you waiting for? If it's good enough for KStew! Here's the trailer:

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