Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939)

Senator Paine: Well, as I said, this is a man's world,
Jeff, and you gotta check your ideals outside the door 
-- like you do your rubbers.

The great Claude Rains was born on this day in 1889!
What's your favorite of his? (Mine's Notorious.)


Anonymous said...

Now, Voyager is my favorite. Notorious is also great. So many good roles. I look forward to October every year for viewings of The Wolf Man and The Invisible Man.

joel65913 said...

A great actor and I can attest a warm, considerate man offscreen.

Long before I was born my grandmother on my mother's side was suddenly widowed with four daughters and one on the way (my youngest aunt was born 18 days after my grandfather's death) so she had to go to work. She did many, many jobs to get by and one of them was serving at dinners for a wealthy family she knew who lived nearby. The family was friendly with Claude and he was a guest there many times. My Nana said he took the time to become familiar with the various people who worked for the couple including her and whenever he was there would ask how she and her girls were doing. She never spoke of him in anything less than glowing terms.

I've always been a fan but knowing he was a kind decent man personally has made me hold a special affection for him. I've managed through the years to see all his films and there are too many great performances to list but I think his most complex performance is in Notorious.

padric said...

Invisible Man, Casablanca, and Now, Voyager. I just can't get over how mean everyone is to Ingrid Bergman in Notorius.

Astianax said...

Mr. Skeffington.