Monday, November 15, 2021

And Like That... He's Gone

Don't worry. I am not Keyser Soze. I know this post's title has y'all worried. "Have these past fifteen years been all a lie???" I'm not going to start walking without a limp, I promise. I just have that line of dialogue stuck in my head for absolutely no reason I can muster -- am I supposed to re-watch The Usual Suspects or something? I have no desire to. I just can't with Kevin Spacey anymore. I mean I can with Kevin Spacey in Se7en, my love for Se7en over-rules all Spacey-isms. But The Usual Suspects -- who cares? I mean I am sure straight dudes care but we don't care what straight dudes care. And it's weird to consider that movie such a Straight Guy Movie right, what with the Spacey-Singer of it? But a Straight Guy Movie it remains all the same. Anyway that's a new photo of Tom Holland -- speaking of Straight Guys, am I right? -- and now I am leaving for the night. Goodbye.


Anonymous said...

only the people who were grown when that film was released got to see it everyone else watched it backwards. Except for me I didn't see the point, I did see the scene where Benicio farts and that was good enough for me. Eat his shit particles Spacey eat em up.

Shawny said...

Loved that film when it came out. But it was only a single view film. And KS, BS, those two can just go away now.