Friday, October 22, 2021

Ya Boys Outta Here

Alright listen this week has been mostly a wash. I know it, you know it, we all know it! I found myself so blown out by all of the film fests lined up one after the other after the other something finally just snapped -- I haven't been able to write a proper word all week, basically. Oh my "Needles of Halloween" series is going okay I s'pose -- check that out here -- and that will keep running through the weekend. But I really needed to write about movies I saw at the Brooklyn Horror Fest and NewFest (not to mention big leftovers from NYFF like Dune and The French Dispatch, which are both in theaters today and both worth your time!) but every time I opened a page to start typing I just sat staring blankly at the emptiness. Oh well. I've been doing this long enough I know there will be weeks like this. Y'all don't hold this mopey self-indulgence against me and I promise I'll be better after a weekend to clear my brain. Okay "promise" is a strong word. I lightly nudge towards the possibility. That's better. Have a good weekend, and if you see something interesting as always tell me about it in the comments, please!


Anonymous said...

Just saw Dune! It was Great! Oscar’s little scene there was the icing on the cake. Pun intended.

The man has had a great year. He just won’t stop giving!

Jake said...

Oscar Isaac, the most handsome, beautiful man, EVER!!! I am obsessed with him!!!❤❤❤

Anonymous said...

I concur, Jacob. Right up there with Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender.

(No trolling please. Thank you.)

NealB said...

Just finished watching the new Dune, Part I. Starts out a little slow and explanatory (for those of us like me that never read the books or watched the first movie, I guess). By the time they get to the attack though, it starts to pay off, with really good Jason Momoa doing Jason Momoa stuff. In the end you're kind of hypnotized by how the sands undulating look like waves on water that you start to wonder what it's all about. Then it ends and you think Part II, if they do it, might start to get to the point. And who are these Fremen? If there's so little moisture, do they have body smells? Doubt it. Timmeh fits right in; does another turn as Henry V here, pretty much the same. It's a good role for him, lucky boy that he is.

When will some talented team take on Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula LeGuin?