Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Nightstream: Name Above Title

Wordless, only an hour long, and with far, far, far more style than substance, I will still heartily recommend Name Above Title to you, and actually for all of those exact reasons. Starring the too-handsome-to-be-real former male model turned actor Matthieu Charneau (see more here) as a horned-up bestached sociopathic serial-killer wielding my single favorite killing weapon of the past oh let's say dozen years, Carlos Conceição's film plays more like a series of stunningly realized still lifes captured in Academy ratio -- piled high polaroid frames of our Summery Discontent; Instagram selfies spelling out our Doom. It's all very Knife+Heart and y'all know I love Knife+Heart. In that vein it's got flashes of giallo but its last act spins into something more early Almodovarian, maybe a dash of Bidgood for good measure -- whatever its recipe this situates Conceição as a great big gay one to watch.

Name Above Title streamed as part of the Nightstream Festival.


Anonymous said...

the portuguese original title is so good!!! Um Fio de Baba Escarlate

Anonymous said...

You should get a DVD of Tommy Guns next!! Conceicaos newest movie, its twisted and homoerotic in ways you dont expect

Jason Adams said...

Thanks for the heads-up -- I went and ordered a copy!