Friday, October 15, 2021

Good Morning, World

How does the saying go? Just when I thought I was out they pulled me back in? That's from The Godfather right? I keep randomly bringing up The Godfather movies lately, I guess I need to do a re-watch. Well a re-watch of the first two -- as I mentioned on Twitter the other day I've never actually seen the third movie -- maybe that's why I keep mentioning them, because Coppola's new cut of the third film has been coming up on Twitter a bunch. The blu-ray of it is on sale on Amazon for 10 bucks right now -- I feel as if I should watch it before I buy it but that's a good deal. Hmm. Wait what am I even talking about The Godfather for? I was quoting that line because new pictures of actor Tom Mercier in Behind the Blinds magazine have been popping up every month or so for what feels like four or five months and yet somehow there keep being more. It's because they are, as explained the last time we did this, actually releasing an entire book of photos of him. He's worthy! That's all I got on that. But let's get back to The Godfather...

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