Friday, October 15, 2021

Do Anything But Kills

Mia Hansen-Løve's new film Bergman Island, the first of Norwegian actor Anders Danielsen Lie's tremendous 2021 two-some -- the other one being the even better reunion between Lie and Joachim Trier called The Worst Person in the World, which you should be very excited about -- is out here in NYC this weekend, and if you're around to see it, do! It's great. Indeed there are several very good movies out this weekend that you can watch instead of the shit-tornado that is Halloween Kills (my review of that here) -- there's NewFest happening! And the Brooklyn Horror Fest happening! Metrograph has the new 4K remaster of Possession streaming online! Or there's the movie Luzzu about the hot Maltese fisherman playing at the Quad, and at Film Forum there's Ryusuke Hamaguchi's marvel of a movie Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, which is also one of a 2021 two-fer with his movie Drive My Car, also excellent, coming later this year. These damn overachievers! Anyway treat yourselves and watch a good movie, please.


Anonymous said...

He goes full frontal in The Worst Person in the World!

Jason Adams said...

He sure does! And with good reason!