Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Andrew Scott Five Times

Unless this is your first visit to these here Plaid Pants then I can't imagine you can't imagine what the sound that leaked out of me sounded like upon me reading that Interview Magazine had gotten Ben Whishaw to chat with Andrew Scott for their new issue, even while it defies description. It was somehow both high-pitched and guttural all at once -- the new Tilda Swinton film Memoria is all about Tilda's quest to define a sound she may have dreamed, and I am about to go on my own quest just to describe this sound.

Anyway the interview between these two gay actor icons is exactly as wonderful as you'd expect -- you know when a conversation starts by praising the goddess Emily Mortimer you're in for a treat! Then Ben Whishaw immediately brings up "Eros" -- bless ya Ben -- and they're off. The Ripley series (which we just saw Andrew rocking a speedo for on the set) comes up as well and they speak highly of Patricia Highsmith and I couldn't love them more. Go check it and see the rest of the photos after the jump...

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john said...

OMG! Thank you for Ben & Andrew!