Sunday, October 24, 2021

13 Needles of Halloween #6

The murderer in Lucio Fulci's 1984 film Murder Rock: Dancing Death -- which, if that title isn't clue enough, you need to see immediately if you have not yet had the pleasure -- murders women with a hairpin needle about ten inches long with an ornate golden and bejeweled head to it. You know, as one does. To be honest I actually think this killer is pretty kind, as far as psycho killers go -- they chloroform their victims first so they are unconscious, and then they gently prick the needle straight through the woman's breast -- exposed, natch -- directly into their hearts; I mean if ya gotta be murdered this doesn't seem like the worst way to be murdered. 

The gifs you see here are from a spectacularly-80s dream sequence early on in the film (don't you feel like the WIlsons might start singing at any moment?) where our heroine has a vision of the killer -- in the nonsense logic of every giallo of this sort the dream shows her the killer's face and it turns out he's a male model and she sees him on a billboard which leads her to actually going out and finding the man and having a romance and stop me if you think this woman makes very irresponsible choices with her life. Seems like at some point in the middle of this behavior one would ask one's elf, "Am I actually in a giallo movie right now? Maybe I should go home and nap this one out." Alas!

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