Friday, October 29, 2021

13 Needles of Halloween #11

After seeing that George Romero's 1978 vampire-ish flick Martin will be getting a 4K remaster this next year from the swell distributor Second Sight in the UK (I imagine it will get some play here too from somebody but if not invest in a region-free player y'all, it's blown the doors off my life) I realized what better needle scene for my "13 Needles of Halloween" series than the opening scene of that movie? If you're unfamiliar the film opens with our titular uhhh "hero" Martin clambering into a strange woman's sleeping compartment on a train, sedating her, sexually assualting her, and then slicing her wrists open with a razor and drinking the blood. I mean -- what better???

It's freakin' creepy stuff and Martin is one of Romero's best, so the fact that the movie streams nowhere and even the crappy DVD of it is out of print and going for sixty to ninety bucks on Amazon is downright shameful -- news of this upgrade is extremely overdue. I don't think I've ever seen a good quality copy of this movie to be honest, and I have a feeling that watching it remastered is going to be one of those times when a movie steps up and wallops you in a wholly fresh way. Great flick -- any fans?


Astroboymn said...

Just rewatched this month and yes, Martin is really, really good. Has held up beautifully. John Amplas is terrific in it.

Anonymous said...

Martin was one of the guilty crushes of my very early teens (or possibly tweens). Yes, the boy had some problems but I could fix him.

Thank fuck I got over that kind of thinking before I actually started dating. John Amplas was cute though and it's a great film.