Thursday, September 16, 2021

Good Morning, World

We were salivating over Lee Pace's sexy Met Ball sock garters just two days ago -- and over the course of the day, two days ago, we added photos to the post, so catch back up with that if you missed it! -- and this Thursday morning I sit down over my corn flakes and what's the first thing I see? Lee posted three more on his Insta! 

He even captioned the photos "GOOD MORNING" -- if only he'd added the "WORLD" I would have known he was posting the photos for an audience of exactly me. I guess he needed to speak in code so his boyfriend wouldn't get jealous? That's it. Anyway uhhh I ay em ay istening lay, ee lay ace pay. Wink wink. 

Oh and here's the original post:

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Anonymous said...

He seems to be sporting a wedding ring these days too, I guess congratulations are in order.