Thursday, September 16, 2021

Fresh Blood From Degrassi High

I am not nor have I ever been a "Degrassi" person but I guess that actor there, named Luke Bilyk (whose name sounds like some kind of yiddish demon right?), was on the "Next Generation" of that seminal-for-some series, so maybe you recognize him. I did not when he popped up in the vampire movie Kicking Blood at TIFF last week, which -- hey whaddya know -- I just reviewed today for Pajiba. It's not bad! Maybe not the ringiest of endorsements but I've seen a lot of really bad horror movies lately -- I'll take "not bad" any day.

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John said...

Degrassi has been around since the late 70s. I discovered it maybe 15 years ago after reading an article in The Advocate. I don't recognize him but I have limited TV access right now, no DVR or On-Demand.