Thursday, September 09, 2021

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Laurie Strode: Molly please, do you have
any thoughts on Victor and Elizabeth?
Molly: Well, um, well I think that Victor should
have confronted the monster sooner. He's completely
responsible for Elizabeth's death because he was so
paralyzed by fear that he never did anything.
It took death for the guy to get a clue.
Laurie Strode: And why do you think he was
finally able to confront his monster?
Molly: I think that Victor had reached a point in his life 
where he had nothing left to lose. I mean the monster 
sought to that by killing off everybody that he loved. 
Victor finally had to face it. It was about redemption
... it was his fate.

One, it's Michelle Williams' birthday today, and two, I am actively avoiding any and everything regarding the screening of the new Halloween film (Halloween Kills, aka Halloween Bangs) in Venice yesterday, so why not distract ourselves with this look back at the original "Laurie Strode came back to fight her dumb brother and only got a decapitation in its sequel for her efforts" joint. (PS I am not saying I know whether she lives or dies in the new movie -- as I just said I am avoiding everything about it.) 

Anyway in H20 Laurie Strode has become an alcoholic English teacher and in a fun if thuddingly obvious throwback to the original film -- where Laurie's seen sitting in English class prattling on about "fate" in whatever book it was she was reading -- we have this "Molly" character of Michelle's spelling out the plot of the film they're currently in, via a discussion of Frankenstein. "Fate" echoes through the decades, Laurie Strode! We'll have to keep our ears peeled for mentions of this sort of thing in the new film, but I have absolutely no doubt it'll be there. And we probably won't have to strain too hard for it, either. In summation...

... Josh Hartnett in this movie.
That's all. Just Josh.

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