Thursday, September 02, 2021

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A Dangerous Method (2011)

Otto Gross: It seems to me the measure of the true perversity of the human race, that one of its very few reliably pleasurable activities should be the subject of so much hysteria and repression.

David Cronenberg's film A Dangerous Method came out ten years ago today! It premiered first at the Venice Film Festival and then hit Telluride, and Toronto, and Zurich, and then on October 5th it played at the New York Film Festival which is where I saw it and also where I did one of the very few (very very few) interviews I have ever done, with Michael Fassbender himself. You can read it here, if you so desire. I was a nervous wreck, which is why I don't do interviews; I can hardly hold conversations with people I've known for twenty years for god's sake. 

Anyway I definitely haven't seen A Dangerous Method in ten years, since that NYFF, I should absolutely give it another spin -- I liked it fine at the time, but maybe it'll have grown in my estimation looking back a decade on. Cronenberg always has something to offer. Anybody seen it recently?

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Aquinas1220 said...

All I remember is how much I wanted a Michael Fassbender spanking.