Friday, September 17, 2021

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Elvira: And if they ever ask about me, tell them I was more than just a great set of boobs. I was also an incredible pair of legs. And tell them... tell them that I never turned down a friend. I... never turned down a stranger for that matter. And tell them... tell them that when all is said and done, I only ask that people remember me by two simple words. Any two, as long as they're simple.

A ghoulishly delightful 70th birthday to the legend that is Elvira! Which is to say the great Cassandra Peterson of course, icon for the ages. Arrow put out a gorgeous edition of Mistress of the Dark last year, I really recommend picking one up. Did you hear earlier this week that Shudder announced they're giving her a one -night-only Halloween-season special? Called Elvira’s 40th Anniversary, Very Scary, Very Special Special, she's going to be presenting a four film marathon on the night of September 25th (okay it's not one night only, it'll be on demand on the 27th, but this is the sort of thing you want to watch live to tweet along with if you can) -- the movies are her own naturally, mentioned up top, alongside the 1959 House On Haunted Hill, 1960's The City Of The Dead starring Christopher Lee (never seen this one), and (drumroll please) the great Messiah of Evil!!! Fuck yeah! Messiah of Evil ruuuuuules! Here's the teaser for Elvira's special:

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Laramie Dean said...

Oh, you'll love CITY OF THE DEAD (otherwise known as HORROR HOTEL!). Witches, witches, witches, and British actors pretending to be American and so much fog and more than a passing resemblance to PSYCHO, though CITY came first.