Thursday, August 26, 2021

The Yahya Man Can

After a delayed wait of approximately ten thousand weeks -- it felt like ten thousand weeks anyway -- the new Candyman movie is out tomorrow. And not just that -- I have already seen it! Two nights ago! And yet every time in the past two days that I have sat myself down to write something on it my head has just fallen clean right off of my body. It's not the movie's fault -- I'm not doing great, emotionally speaking this week, and haven't had the easiest time focusing to write anything. There's the cumulative effect of the August heat, the pandemic, some family stuff -- I am just very tired, and I am sure 99.44% of you share the sentiment. Anyway I'm not saying anything right now on how I felt about Candyman because I am hoping I wake up tomorrow with a clearer head and maybe I will write something tomorrow. Or over the weekend. I don't know right now -- right now all I know is I gotta go home and turn my goddamned brain off for a little bit. So please enjoy these photos of Candyman star Yahya Abdul-Mateen, and we'll see what happens, and what a grand adventure that will surely be.


Shawny said... gorge

Simon said...

Hope u feel better soon, just remember it’s the most wonderful time of the year soon….flannel, leaves changing, cooler weather, Halloween and a new Jake Gyllenhaal movie!

Unknown said...

Stay strong Jason...we may not always comment on your posts...but we,your audience out here in the dark, are cheering you on...and appreciate all you do...! Thanks