Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Man of Mass

People on Twitter seem to be just now discovering the fact that former Whedonverse actor Franz Kranz -- who is now a very serious writer-director thanks to Mass, his school shooting movie that won tons of accolades at Sundance earlier this year -- is also a super hot piece. And I am not here to chide them for not having known this for many years as we have here at MNPP, where we have covered this evident truth thoroughly for a good decade. I am not here to chide -- I am here to celebrate, and so to those people I direct y'all to our Fran Kranz Archives. Enjoy, discover, relish, et cetera! Now for the rest of us, the ones who knew all that for a decade, y'all can feel free to scan back through that too, but maybe you'll just wanna head over to The Film Experience where I posted the just-dropped trailer for Mass, which is also worth a look-see. Not nearly as much chest hair, but it's got its plusses. Mass is out on October 8th. 

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squeezit said...

At first glance I thought to myself "why has Jimmy Wolk lost so much weight?"