Thursday, August 12, 2021

Pic of the Day

(via, click to embiggen) That there is our first look at Florence Pugh, young legend, in her next movie The Wonder -- to be honest I'd kind of hoped we'd put a moratorium on titles with "wonder" in them after the Great Wondering of 2017 debacle, but I'll allow it since I don't want to disturb this particular boat, this boat being a movie starring Pugh and directed by the great Sebastián Lelio of the films Gloria, A Fantastic Woman, Disobedience, and Gloria's 2018 remake Gloria Bell. I told you about this movie when it was first announced -- and funny enough I complained about the title then too; I am so original -- it's based on a book about a nurse and a journalist in 1859 rural Ireland who are both summoned to a small town because a purported miracle of some sort occurred. It's described (the book is, anyway) as a "psychological thriller" so that'll be kind of new territory for Lelio, as will also be the whole period setting. Exciting! The movie is being filmed right now so no word on release or anything; I would imagine next year. The only other cast member announced is an Irish actress named Niamh Finlay who is pretty green, only a couple of projects on her IMDb so far.

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Anonymous said...

Read the book...ehh. Wouldn't mind if they take creative license and change the ending of the movie.