Wednesday, August 04, 2021

O What Music Adam Driver's Torso Makes

Holy Motors maniac I mean director Leos Carax's highly anticipated musical movie Annette, starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard and the music of the band called Sparks -- recently enthusiastically profiled by the filmmaker Edgar Wright in a documentary of their own; massive year for Sparks fans! -- is out in theaters on Friday, and they've just dropped the final trailer which you can see below. 

I have already seen this movie but I'm saving my review (which quite unlike me I have already written) for a bit, because the movie's out on demand on Amazon Prime on August 20th and I'd rather encourage y'all to see it that way -- in the middle of a damn pandemic -- than to go to the theaters, quite frankly. Now a wise person might here note that I had no such qualms about reviewing The Green Knight, a film I adored, and this wise person might then wonder if this means my like for Annette is less than... as I said, that would be a wise person. But we'll get into that later this month! Whether Adam Driver likes it or not!

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