Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dirty Numb Angel Boys

Did any of you catch Beats, last year's movie about the Scottish movie scene of the 90s? I did not but the reviews were good and it's out on blu-ray now thanks to the fancy folks at Vinegar Syndrome so I will assuredly be catching up on it when I have the chance. The trailer's down below and if it's giving you Trainspotting feels I doubt you're alone! And I like Trainspotting feelings. I don't love the feelings that "period pieces about my own teenage years" gives me but I suppose that's something I should really have come to terms with by now. I mean we're getting period pieces about the Aughts at this point, and I was fully an adult by then. Anyway y'all watch this trailer while I go crumble into a pile of dust, mkay...

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