Thursday, August 12, 2021

Austin, Formerly of Swallow Fame

Some might say that two posts about the menfolks of Mike White's show The White Lotus in a row might be too much, but to those people I say fuck you. Git atta he', see!! Sorry don't know why Edward G. Robinson just took over my body, but the sentiment remains. Git! Especially since as seen above we're talking about Swallow actor Austin Stowell -- and yes no matter what Austin does for the rest of his career he will be forever referred to by this site as "Swallow actor" -- this time, as shown in the teaser for this weekend's finale (watch it below), and that's an extra special little gift. And I want to have a post at the top of the site for y'all to tell me your thoughts and feelings on the finale, when it happens. And since it's now time for my three-day weekend, y'all can do that in the comments here. Austin Swallow I mean Stowell approves!

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Mike Johnson said...

No spoilers, but the show sadly did not stick the landing. The images were beautiful, the music was haunting, and the acting was sublime. Maybe it was just because I hated who was in the box. It could have been any other character, except for Fred's. Still one of the year's best shows.