Friday, August 13, 2021

Got a Permit For Those Guns, Gramps?

This is your reminder that the Avatar and Don't Breathe actor Stephen Lang is 69 years old (hey I didn't make that number up, he really is), and he could still beat you the fuck up. In my case that's not saying a lot -- hell Jessica Lange could beat me up -- but he's a real tough guy is my point, and all of that is on display and then some in the Don't Breathe sequel, out in theaters today. And hey whaddya know I reviewed Don't Breathe 2 over at Pajiba today -- it's like I was actually leading somewhere with all of this rambling for a change. Don't get too used to it!

1 comment:

FoxVerde said...

first time i ever saw him he had a small part in the movie "niagara niagara" as the bitchy pharmacist. i always liked that movie.