Thursday, July 29, 2021

I Am Gonna Eat Nicholas Hoult Right Up

Just a real quick update on a project I've posted about before -- quick but necessary! Back in June I told you of The Menu, a horror-sounding movie that will star Ralph Fiennes as a famous chef who invites an unsuspecting couple to his mysterious island, dun dun dun (it's definitely gonna be about eating people, even though they haven't admitted that in any plot descriptions yet) -- anyway also included in the cast was Anya Taylor-Joy as half of the couple invited, and we love her, we love Ralph, we love possible-cannibalism. We was sold! Well today comes word that the other half of the couple is going to be played by Nicholas Hoult and, well, that's news we like too. As you can imagine. Thrilled, we is! The Menu just went from FUCK YES to FUCKKK YESSS. See all the extra letters? Those are called "emphasis."

Oh and in other important Nicky news, I never posted this!

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Anonymous said...

The only brit that does not age seriously this fucker's going to look like fine china for most of his life. I'm grateful (the man wears mohair and birthday suits in suspenders) but I'm also jealous.