Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Good Morning, World

Don't ask me how Tumblr got ahold of that shot of Pablo Schreiber in the movie Lorelei to make a gif with it (I found it here), since the movie's not out until Friday, but they did and I am here to share this development. Anyway Lorelei I reviewed right here when it screened at Tribeca -- it stars Pablo and the always-welcome Jena Malone as a pair of past-their-prime folks reconnecting years after they dated circa high school; he's just gotten out of prison, she's a dead-end mom with a pile of kids. The movie sounds like a depressing chore but as I say in my review the performances and writing elevate it out of poverty porn, and that third act is chef's kiss. I really recommend checking it out. I also posted the trailer right here. It hits all the usual places -- theaters apparently as well as on demand -- on Friday. Oh here's a clip they released as well:

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