Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Good Morning, World

Ask and ye shall receive! Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch premiered at Cannes yesterday and I immediately went into Detective Mode -- that is to say I whined on Twitter:

Nobody answered me that knew the answer (dirty sons of bitches) but no matter, the PR people for the film were listening and released the first clip from the film which -- wha ah! -- also happens to feature Timmy naked! Sacré bleu! Watch here:

And I'll give you one more gif after the jump...


CorgyBorgy said...

Beautiful boy

Phallus Diller said...

There were rumors way back when that The Boy Chalamet had done full frontal but what are the odds of a Wes Anderson film showing even a glimpse of butt crack let alone an entire well-lit (hopefully) male sex organ.