Thursday, July 29, 2021

Good Day To Dev Young

These three snaps of Dev Patel come at us via The New York Times (maybe you heard of it) where our pal Kyle chatted with the actor about a movie called The Green Knight (maybe you heard of it) which is out in theaters tomorrow. If you have not heard of The Green Knight well then you probably shouldn't read my review of the movie just yet, which i posted this afternoon -- actually like all these things I recommend reading my reviews after you've seen the movie either way, even though I don't get too bad into spoilers with this one. 

As I hate regurgitating plot in my reviews if not forced to by an outside editor I never do that, so reading my reviews here at MNPP without seeing the movie first is probably always a bewildering experience. Hell it's probably bewildering whether you've seen the film or not. I'm a lotta nonsense! Anyway! Dev and his big mean green machine aside I'm here to wish y'all a nice weekend, as I'm still rocking the three-day weekends though the rest of the summer. So until Monday, then. Bye!


Peggy Sue said...

Is this the one with the frontal?

Jason Adams said...

I think there might have heard about penis in an earlier cut but there is no penis in this final version. There is semen though!