Monday, June 21, 2021

After Raw

Back in April I told ye about a few films that the terrific studio known as Neon had on their plate for 2021, as it appeared then that they were about to have a terrific year ahead -- such sentiment continues now that they've shared with us the trailer for one of those movies I mentioned, the new one from Raw director Julia Ducournau, called Titane. It stars Vincent Lindon (star of La Moustache, one of my faves) and is about a long missing son returning home, blah blah blah violence (although you wouldn't get any of that, except the "blah blah blah violence" part, from the trailer). 

But Lindon's giving off some hardcore Daddy vibes in this thing, that much is for certain. This is premiering at Cannes soon, hence the first look, but we don't have a release date or anything -- I would imagine it won't be released until the end of the year at best. But here's to hoping word out of Cannes is good because this trailer kicks unholy ass. Watch:

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