Monday, June 28, 2021

A Call To Arms

Finally, Foundation stuff! I told you way back in October of 2019 -- pre-pandemic, when we were probably totally different people -- that Lee Pace was set to star opposite the great Jared Harris in an adaptation of Isaac Asimov's classic sci-fi series of Foundation books for Apple. Then I didn't hear shit, what with, you know, a pandemic or whatever happening. But it turns out they actually went and made the damn thing, and it's premiering on Apple+ on September 24th of this year. And we have a teaser trailer, along with the above image of Mr. Pace (and those arms) seriously rocking some deep blue fashion. Looks pretty spared-no-expense. Watch:


John said...

That does look good Jason, so does Lee Pace. I will have to wait for home video

Shawny said...

They are gonna fuck it up. I just know it. The Foundation series is too cerebral for something so heavy on looks. But I will watch it, Asimov is my favorite writer.

Matt said...

I really liked the books when I was a kid but when I reread them as an adult they really didn’t age well. You know how you can reread a really good book and find new things in it you didn’t notice the first time? With Foundation, it seemed the opposite, There was little There there.

Asimov’s universe is really deterministic and lacks diversity—as in, there is no other intelligent life, or even any variety of languages. No, everyone among these many millions of worlds speaks Galactic Standard. Yawn.