Monday, May 24, 2021

Good Morning, World

How many of you watched Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead on Netflix (or in theaters I suppose) this weekend? If you did then you probably noticed German twunk Matthias Schweighöfer (seen here in another movie, the 2011 film What a Man) and maybe you recognized him from some of his German films, or maybe you recognized him from my incessant posting about him over the past several years -- whatever it was there he was, still being adorable, only this time with zombies. And as per usual when it comes to Matthias... 

... or at least what I have experienced of him (you should check out his movie 100 Things with Florian David Fitz, or at least my posts about it)  -- his character had mad chemistry with another dude. In this instance Omari Hardwick's hard-ass Vanderohe -- and that's not just me projecting! There's an entire interview with the two actors at Collider about their "bromance." (Thx Mac) Anyway the happy news is apparently an entire spin-off film has already been made about Schweighöfer's character -- Schweighöfer himself directed it (he's been directing in Germany for awhile), it's called Army of Thieves, and it's a prequel about his character's time during the zombie apocalypse, which in Snyder's film happens over the opening credits. It's going to be out before this year is over. Let's hope Matthias knows his audience and gays it up!

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Sray said...

Matthias Schweighöfer and his BFF Til Schweiger are considered the Kevin James and Adam Sandler of Germany. They are very popular amongst mainstream people but hated by even more because of their lack of diverse roles and insistence on playing in or directing comedies. At least they look better.

But you should take a look at Albrecht Schuch's career who seems to play in every bigger German movie right now. He's kinda like the Teutonic version of Dan Stevens. Albrecht Schuch shares his very handsome looks, versatility and expressive acting but also that ice king gaze.