Friday, April 23, 2021

Pics of the Day

I was just wondering what was going on with Ewan McGregor's Halston miniseries for Netflix about a month ago when I shared a magazine photoshoot of the actor wherein he discussed playing the famed designer -- today we have news! Netflix just dropped a batch of "polaroids" of the cast in character as well as the release date, which is May 14th! Yes, May 14th as in three weeks from now. My, people come and go so quickly here!

Seems apt to quote Judy as Dorothy since we've got a person playing Liza Minnelli here -- the actress is named Krysta Rodriguez and I'm unfamiliar but she's done a ton of TV before this -- she looks the part in these snaps, anyway! More than Ewan, honestly, but I love Ewan enough to overlook (for now) the fact that he really looks absolutely nothing like Halston. I am sure he will be good -- he always is. Of course I'd be remiss...

... if I didn't share that photo of the actor Gian Franco Rodriguez playing Halston's partner Victor Hugo (yes like the author of Les Mis), who was also an artist and a window dresser (he was also an assistant to Andy Warhol at The Factory). It's pretty clear why he was so popular, at least as portrayed by Gian Franco there! This series was of course executive-produced by Ryan Murphy (who else) while long-time TV director Daniel Minahan directed it; we'll probably be getting a trailer shortly! Oh and I almost forgot to mention -- Rory Culkin as Joel Schumacher!


Anonymous said...

Krysta Rodriguez is a Broadway actress who’s done a lot of musicals, which probably means Liza will be singing

Matty said...

I'll watch it (I mean, Ewan!), but Murphy's Netflix output has been super hit (Boys in the Band + Hollywood) or miss (RATCHED + Politician)