Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Pics of the Day

There's been a swell of Sound of Metal content this week -- I suppose I should be used to things swelling when Riz Ahmed is involved [insert "wokka wokka" here] -- but I guess it also makes sense since I think Oscar voting is starting, or has started, or something? God I don't care. Anyway that's happening over in Awards Season land -- all I care is I get to stare at new photos of Riz Ahmed with his hot director friend Darius Marder. Did you know I have an entire Twitter thread devoted to the two of them? I love their love. 

I haven't read the interview attached to these photos at Deadline because I really don't know what more can be said about Sound of Metal at this point, during this endless stretch of coverage reaching towards the interminable Oscars, but maybe they profess their love for one another; if they do somebody will quote it on Twitter and spare me my time. At least they gifted us with another photo highlighting Riz's throat, which I am weirdly (not so weirdly, really) obsessed with:


Anonymous said...

Riz truly has the most beautiful neck in Hollywood. Every photographer seems drawn to highlight it.

Steven said...

I agree! That last photo is worth framing and hanging up.