Friday, April 02, 2021

Mapplethorpe Got Stuck on Gere

Did you know that Robert Mapplethorpe photographed Richard Gere for Playgirl magazine? I did not until just now but that photo above is apparently the proof - Mapplethorpe apparently shot Gere a couple of times, and you can see two other examples down below. Anyway I bring this up because the brand new "Director's Cut" of Mapplethorpe, the 2018 film starring Doctor Who star Matt Smith as the legendary provocateur photographer, is being dropped on a bunch of streaming services today and so I went back and revisited the film for Pajiba; go read my review right here. I'll just say up-front that I'm not a fan (and I think Smith was bad casting from the start) but this here new cut of the film is slightly better than the first one I saw. Slightly. I'd rather watch a behind-the-scenes video of this Richard Gere shoot though, if I'm being honest. Like, way rather. Hit the jump for the rest...

Oh and also this:

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