Monday, April 26, 2021

Good Morning, World

Happy Oscar Hangover Day, everybody! I didn't have anything to drink last night and, as breathlessly reported on Friday, I couldn't have cared less about the awards last night, but I still weirdly always feel hungover the day after the Oscars? I don't know. It's some sort of psychosomatic empathy for all of my awards-blogger friends maybe. Anyway what better way to put Fancy Movies behind us than to wish beloved movie torso Channing Tatum a happy birthday today -- he's all that the Oscars are not. I was digging around earlier to see if there was anything Channing-wise I'd never posted before -- chances seemed slim! -- and I stumbled upon these two photos (via) from two of his earlier films; A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints from 2006 above, and 2007's Rumble in Seattle below. And because he's showing his full range, a poll:


Anonymous said...

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints is his best film and best performance. He even got an Indie Spirit Award nomination.

All that and hot to boot.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of shirtless hotness, from what movie is the current MNPP header photo? Is it something dance related? I’m getting a “Billy Elliot having his spine checked at the Royal Ballet School” vibe — but naughty.

Jason Adams said...

Anon -- the current banner is Joe Dallesandro in the movie Flesh, directed by Paul Morrissey (produced by Andy Warhol)