Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Good Morning, World

Did any of you end up seeing Joe Keery's social media satire Spree? I posted various Keery-esque artifacts in relation to the film last year around the time it was coming out here in the U.S. but then never reviewed it -- I didn't have a lot to say. I thought it was fine, if a bit obvious, a bit low-hanging fruit. But all of these social media satires have been... well, except for Ingrid Goes West, as I said the other day when the trailer for Mainstream with Andrew Garfield dropped -- the latter which looks a lot like Spree, it must be said, at least insofar as there's now a genre all about gawky twink's being deranged and annoying online. (Incidentally, I posted some new Garfield gratuity on Twitter earlier this week when another trailer for that movie dropped.) Anyway! Spree is fine, and it looks like the unsuspecting people of Japan are about to have that fine-ness dropped on them because Keery did an Instagram post in Spree character saying just that. (Thx Dennis) Oh Keery's probably big in Japan, isn't he? That'd fit. Anyway, watch:

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