Monday, February 15, 2021

Thomas Doherty One Time

Say hello to Thomas Doherty, who's playing the lead character on the forthcoming HBO iteration of Gossip Girl, coming sometime later this year from the same team behind the original. Well perhaps you already know him since he's been working for several years, including on a Disney Channel series called The Lodge... and yes I am picturing last year's despairing horror film set to a boisterous laugh track. But I imagine he's entering his Grown Up Career Phase now, judging by this new shoot for Behind the Blinds magazine -- I'm hoping we get more photos from it to look at soon, but for now, there's a good one to whet our appetites et cetera. Bonus fact: he's Scottish! I wanna her him purr that brogue, baby.


Anonymous said...

he was amazing in high fidelity.

Ryan T. said...

I was going to mention HIGH FIDELITY as well. Zoe Kravitz cradle robbin' which YASS.