Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Luca Makes It Fashion

Well this is a bright and lovely surprise for a dreary nothing Tuesday here in New York -- Luca Guadagnino has a new fashion advert out in the world! It's for the brand Salvatore Ferragamo's latest campaign -- you might recall that Luca directed a doc Ferragamo last year, which was supposed to play Venice; I have no idea whether it did or not, I didn't read anything about it. And yes I know the answer is only a google away but my time is precious, and I'd rather type out sentences about how I don't care enough to look then just go look. See? Okay then. Anyway about  I saw somebody compare this new ad to Hitchcock, which...

... yeah okay that's there. My first thought though was thanks to that gif I posted up top -- the trench, the sunglasses, the rowboat... that's very clearly a Leave Her to Heaven reference. 

And we love to see it! There are also some shots that feel heavily giallo-inspired a la his Suspiria re-do (the shot of the hand opening the dark wooden door) and as if we needed more proof that Luca's our beloved. Here, watch for your damn selves:


Anonymous said...

I thought the boat was a clear reference to The Birds.

Jason Adams said...

I guess it was the sunglasses that made me think of LHTH -- The Birds is good too, although I'd get there easier with a gigantic FUR COAT lol (Tippi wearing a huge FUR on a dinky little rowboat will always be the height of ridiculous glamour)