Monday, February 15, 2021

Culottes From Heaven

If you follow me on Twitter then this weekend you probably saw my brain slowly, entirely get taken over by the kooky new Kristen Wiig comedy film Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar -- I wrote a little blurb about it here on the site on Friday but then i watched it a second time and I suddenly realized that just as I figured all my minor quibbles has fallen away and I loved the movie, whole-hearted, full-souled. This mostly translated into a lot of Jamie Dornan tweeting, but I managed to actually make more with the word like things elsewhere, and a right and proper review of the movie just went up over on Pajiba, click over and read! I'm just real obsessed now. I think we needed sweet dumb laughs in our lives again and baby did Barb and Star deliver. I might watch it again tonight? I might actually have a problem.


Shawny said...

My husband and I laughed through most of the film. It was such a joy to see a creative comedy, imagine that? A comedy that isn’t based on an SNL character and stretched out into a filo-thin pastry, or a sequel, or a remake. Sure we’ve seen the story before, but the jokes were mostly original. Loved it.

Hot guys said...

Watched it, it was good but, I preferred Breaking News in Yuba County 🤎

Laughed SO hard... Enjoyed that one much more 🧡

Anonymous said...

He can't sing. He can't dance. He clearly can't act. Wht the duck are they still trying to make him happen? Whos ducking him?