Monday, February 22, 2021

Is It Safe

A totally unexpected and exciting development today, as I totally lucked into getting myself an immediate  appointment for my first dose of the COVID vaccine, and ran like a lightning bolt to the hospital to get it done! And it's done! (I know the Gremlin above is a Dentist Gremlin with a dental tool -- just pretend it's a needle for my sake, okay?) Anyway it all went fine and I've got my second appointment in a few weeks and the wave of relief that washed over me in the recovery room, you guys, well I won't say you can't imagine because I know each and every one of you have been through the same year I have. But it was a lot. Anyway I'm not gonna post anything today at this point, just gonna take it easy, so I'll see you back here tomorrow. And the minute you can get vaccinated GET VACCINATED. Please and thank you and good night!

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joel65913 said...

That's a great stroke of luck!! Hope you don't have any side effects, I know they can range wildly but most of the people I know who have gotten inoculated just had a minor swelling at the injection point for a day or two or a minor headache.

I'm far down on the list but I'll be at the front of the line as soon as I qualify!